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exhibition at the Avalon Ballroom, July 2019

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emptiness, fullness, awareness, space, grace

Coming to one’s senses

exhibition at the Al Ringling Theatre, April 2019

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invitation - coming to one's senses

come to one’s senses    (idiomatic) To reawaken after having lost consciousness. (idiomatic) To become reasonable, comprehending, or responsible, especially after having behaved in an unreasonable, uncomprehending, or irresponsible manner. (

bring someone to their (or come to one’s) senses    Restore someone to (or regain) consciousness. Cause someone to (or start to) think and behave reasonably after a period of folly or irrationality. (google)

come to one’s senses    (idiom)  Definition of coming to one’s senses: to begin to think in a sensible or correct way after being foolish or wrong. “He finally came to his senses and gave up his plans to quit his job and become an artist.”, “When will you come to your senses? Don’t you realize that she’s been lying to you?” (

“If I engage in my senses I come to my senses.”

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Pieces of the series “60 seconds of eternity”, “the egg is empty”, “with respect to a point”, and “uplifting objects” were exhibited. The show was all about coming to one’s senses. It was open to the public at the art gallery of the Al Ringling Theatre in Baraboo all of April 2019.

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The Power of Fragility

exhibition at the Avalon Ballroom, July 2018

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avalon ball room in Reedsburg 1 brightThe show took place in the Avalon Ballroom, Reedsburg, Wisconsin 2018

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